What are the advantages of a PDF converter?

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A PDF converter can reduce file size without sacrificing the document's quality. A PDF converter will result in a document 25 percent smaller than its original size. It will allow you to share the document more easily, and it will preserve the document's quality. You can also use a PDF converter to convert your documents into other formats, such as DOCX or XLSX.

File size can be reduced

Several PDF converters can help you reduce the size of a PDF file. Most of these applications are available online and will let you reduce the size of a PDF file without compromising on quality. They will reduce the file size automatically, keeping the compression quality you want. It can help you reduce the file size of PDFs for web and email purposes.

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro to compress PDF files. This application can be found in the Windows Start menu or on Mac Launchpad. This program requires a subscription, but you can also use the free version of Adobe's online PDF compressor.

Security features

When choosing a PDF converter, it is crucial to look for security features. This feature will be invaluable if you are working in a school environment or need to protect your private data. It will help you determine whether the software is compatible with the latest data security standards.

Another important feature to look for is watermarking. Watermarking prevents copying and unauthorized access to your document. PDF DRM is another security feature to look for in a converter. These features will keep the document locked to your device and prevent others from transferring it to other users.

You should also check whether the converter has encryption. Some converters will ask you about your preferred level of encryption. If you choose AES, the information in the PDF will be encrypted. It means that only a machine that has the decryption key can decrypt the information. You can even restrict the viewing of the document to specific locations. 

Conversion to XLSX

Using a PDF converter is the perfect solution if you want to create an XLSX document from an Excel spreadsheet. A PDF converter allows you to save the file as a PDF, making it secure and protected from unauthorized access. In addition, it comes with features like Digital Signature, which allows you to authenticate the document.

Another benefit of using a PDF converter for conversion to XLX is that it saves file size. XLSX files are smaller and lighter than XLS files and require less space than their counterparts. They can also be password protected. Since both formats are similar in size, converting a PDF to XLSX is a quick and easy process.

Another advantage of using a PDF converter for conversion to XLX is that you can edit the document in the XLSX format. For example, you can edit data in the XLSX file using Excel tools. This way, you can update the document's data without reprinting it. Then, you can convert the file back to PDF to use the updated data.

Cross-platform compatibility

There are several benefits to having cross-platform compatibility with your PDF converter. First, you don't need to install a separate app for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Able2Extract 8 is an excellent example of a desktop PDF converter, eliminating the need for complex command-line tools. Its graphical user interface gives you full control of your bookmarks, pages, and attachments. It makes it easy to navigate through long PDF documents.

Another benefit to cross-platform compatibility is converting your files in bulk. Depending on your needs, a PDF converter should have the ability to convert multiple files at once. It should also be able to perform conversions on a local PC or online. Some programs also allow you to merge and extract PDFs and even remove pages before sharing.

Merging multiple PDF files into a single document

One of the many benefits of a PDF converter is its ability to merge multiple PDF files into a single document. This feature is helpful when you need to share documents with others or when you need to make more than one version of a document. The process can save you time and space by reducing duplicates. The combined document can be printed on any printer and shared easily via copy and paste.

Another great feature of convert PDF to Excel is that you don't have to install any software to merge PDF files. Many PDF converters have this feature built into the program. If you have a Mac, you can use the Preview app to view the individual pages of a PDF document. You can also drag and drop PDF files into a document.

Combining multiple PDF files is a great way to streamline your workspace. It allows you to review and store the information more efficiently. This method also eliminates the need to search through multiple files or open multiple documents to read the contents. You will also save space on your computer.


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What are the advantages of a PDF converter?

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