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Is Your Pool Green And Cloudy? Here’s How To Clean It Up And Keep It Swim-Ready

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Swimming pools are just like any other part of your home and require good care and regular maintenance. However, regular cleaning might not be possible for all homeowners, especially those who have hectic routines and little to no time for household chores. Most swimming pools remain clean in the long run if they are regularly skimmed and covered with a pool cover when not in use. However, when pool cleaning is neglected for long periods, swimming pools tend to develop a buildup of algae, which not only causes discoloration of the pool water but also imparts bad odor and renders a swimming pool useless unless it is thoroughly cleaned.

The first step in cleaning your pool is assessing whether or not it needs to be drained. If you can see at least six to eight inches beneath the surface of the water, you can handle the cleaning yourself by using a swimming pool cleaner. Otherwise, it might be worth contacting a professional pool cleaning service to do the job for you. Here are some of the steps you can follow once you have decided to clean your pool.

Debris Removal

Removal of debris like leaves and large particulate matter floating on the surface of the pool can be achieved by using a large leaf net or a skimmer. You should keep repeating until you have removed almost all of the debris clouding the pool water. Debris removal is one of the most important steps towards ensuring that algae will not grow again.

Water Testing

Once you have removed a substantial amount of debris from your green pool, you can move on to testing the water. Affordable pH testing strips allow you to determine whether your pool water pH is high or low. If the pH is very high, you can not immediately shock your pool. Ideally, your pool water should have a pH of 7.2 or lower. If your pool has a high pH, you can use a pH decreasing preparation or muriatic acid to prevent clouding once it is shocked.

Shocking Your Pool

Once you get your pool pH down to 7.2 or below, you can start shocking your pool with granular chlorine. It is advisable to get chlorine in bulk because your pool might need periodic adjustments. Chlorine should be spread evenly over the surface of the water until the entire pool is covered. You should continue adding it periodically and assessing the change in color of the water.

Filtration & Brushing

Once your pool has been shocked, you will see cloudiness, which can be addressed by backwashing your pool filter repeatedly and continuously brushing and filtering your pool. This step depends greatly on the type of your pool filter and might take up to a week to get completely clear water after the entire process.

Future Care

The entire process would be for nothing if you do not continue the regular maintenance of your pool. You should keep chlorinating your pool and use a water clarification solution to prevent the regrowth of algae. Regular cleaning or backwashing your filter can also help rid your pool of green algae in the future.

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