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1950’s Etiquette style comes to Hunters Hill with a Modern and Educational Twist

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Nestled in the leafy district of hunters hill comes a newly crafted business which combines quality education to strengthen emotional quota, intellectual quota and life skills whist infusing modern day social strategies of Etiquette! 

Empowered Etiquette Australia founded by Cara Barilla, Author and Educator is proudly creating fun, educational and wholesome classes located at the new Hunters Hill Library, “The Yarn” Amid the Hunters Hill village Centre. 

“Our main objective for our students lives is happiness. When a child feels happy and safe, we believe they can thrive in their unique greatness.”

The company is an all-female run business from educators with backgrounds in counselling, education and wellness to comprise 10 week courses  and one-on-one tuition from kindergarten to year 12. 

“The offerings of private one-on-one educational tuition is a very popular choice and can finally come to life in the Hunters Hill Community” - Expresses Cara Barilla 

The Tutors have been chosen to cater for the following subjects: 



Social skills


French and Italian Language 




Social Media Protection. 

All subjects are also offered at a private one-on-one private tuition program.

“We believe when we live in the state of happiness we can be at the calibre of success and confidence. We are truly passionate in leading an etiquette program to our students of all walks of life with open hearts to be the greatest and most genuine versions of themselves.” 

EEA have been hosting Their most popular: Reading and Public Speaking Program and Mini Mathletes 10 Week Program at Lane cove Library and over the last few years and have moved to Hunter’s Hill Library: “The Yarn”. 

EEA believe that;  “It is our right of passage as women and leaders to wholeheartedly assist in the thriving lives of women, adolescents and children to help them bring out and highlight their most unique characteristics. We are here to guide them to their haven of success and self-fulfilment to strengthen their mindset in becoming their own unique source of everlasting power when journeying through their unique passions & endeavours.”

The Team are proudly gaining positive feedback from all of their programs and their private one-on-one programs are bringing social public speaking confidence and reaching new social and academic heights for their students. 

The team at Empowered Etiquette are a small team who focus on quality in outcome based learning strategies. 

The small groups of only 5-7 are to personalise and strengthen the children’s skills and confidence. 

Our 1:1 private tuition are offered all year round. 

“Wherever the road takes you, we hope the powerful tools we give you will help unlock many beautiful pieces of yourself to achieve great empowered legacies.”

For more information and to book your child in to one of the courses please visit: 


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