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What Is A Bachelor Of Arts And Where Can It Take Me?

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A Bachelor of Arts, more commonly known as a BA, is one of the most undertaken courses around. The most common misconception is that somebody who is undertaking a BA must undertake the subject of visual arts, this is false. Let’s look at all things related to Bachelor of Arts.

What Is A Bachelor Of Arts?

In the simplest terms, a Bachelor of Arts consists of subjects relating to the arts and social sciences. This equates to subjects that relate to identity and what it means to be a human. Some of the subjects relating to the arts include philosophy, history, English, other languages, visual arts, performing arts, media, communications, and religion. Similarly, social sciences focus broadly on what it means to be human, but with a more scientific approach. These can incorporate economics, politics, international relations, criminology, anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and law. With so many different educational fields available, you can choose to study a wide variety of topics and open many pathways for yourself.

Is a Bachelor Of Arts Worth It?

The short answer is yes – a Bachelor of Arts provides a capacity for a broad range of employment opportunities that value leadership, creativity, and analysis of large inputs of information. You will be taught to unlock innovative approaches to problem-solving, development of logical responses to arguments, and learn to write clearly and convincingly. A BA degree will also develop high-level communication skills, an empathetic attitude, and cultural diversity, all with the primary focus being on the “human” element in your chosen industry.

Bachelor of Arts Statistics

Did you know that Bachelor of Arts graduates or individuals working across humanities and social sciences make up two-thirds of Australia's workforce? Or that a Bachelor of Arts is the most common degree among non-executive directors in Australia’s 100 biggest public companies? 67.6% of CEOs of ASX200 companies undertook a social science degree and 44% of world leaders hold a social science degree. 

What Type Of Work Can I Get?

 Due to the highly diverse nature of a Bachelor of Arts, there are so many options for where this course can take you, and a BA can open the door to a variety of different industries. Depending on your major, examples of jobs that may become available to you might include anthropologist, art historian, business or data analyst, creative lead, diplomat, historian, foreign affairs, journalist, media advisor, editor, researcher, sociologist, social commentator, author, and screenwriting. While these are just a few of the many hundreds of options available, it showcases just how diverse and far-reaching the scope of a Bachelor of Arts can be.

Prerequisites for Studying A Bachelor of Arts

All applicants wanting to undertake a Bachelor of Arts must satisfy English language requirements. Most reputable training providers will require a minimum ATAR score of 25 in English if applying directly out of high school. However, if applying later as an adult student then you can discuss with the training provider about undertaking an English aptitude test. Admission criteria will normally involve having completed secondary education within the last two years, but if your last study was more than seven years ago you can apply utilising your work and life experiences on your application, or if you have completed part of a separate tertiary study then this can be potentially advantageous towards your application.

Reasons To Study A Bachelor Of Arts

 A Bachelor of Arts is truly a course that provides you the freedom to design your own future. If this isn’t enough reason already, then most training providers will provide flexible study options including blended learning, online, part, and full times options. You will also have access to knowledgeable staff who are available throughout the course to support you with your journey. A Bachelor of Arts course also incorporates practical work experiences into your chosen field which in turn supports establishing industry links for your future career.

If this still isn’t enough reason, a Bachelor of Arts will bestow on you many transferable skills which employers are looking for in their applicants, and a career completely tailored by yourself to fully utilise your strengths and passions.

Completing a Bachelor of Arts is just the beginning of a lifetime journey. Not only is it a huge achievement to obtain a degree, but it will also open countless doors for you to build your career or even change direction. No matter your dreams, a Bachelor of Arts can be a great start to the start of your adventure. So what are you waiting for? Look into it now.


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