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Travel Budgeting: 5 Tips to an Australian Holiday on a Budget

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Many people want to travel around Australia at least once in their lifetime, which is understandable considering Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, exploring Australia can be pricey for many. The good news is, we have compiled some travelling hacks that will help you travel in Australia without breaking the bank.

Use a campervan

Using a campervan is a budget-friendly way of exploring new regions in Australia. Some campervan hacks you should use include; filling up petrol on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which can save you around $0.15 in city areas, cooking for yourself and doing your own laundry.

Use budget-friendly accommodation

Apart from hostels and campsites that offer cheap accommodation, you can also try out free camping. Free camping allows you to immerse yourself in nature. However, while free camping, you should do it in a self-contained vehicle and follow the local guidelines to avoid fines by law administrators. You can also use a free camping app called Campermate which will show you highly-rated free campsites, free WIFI spots and unique travel tips from fellow travellers. Alternatively, you can stay in holiday parks and use the communal sites that are available on-site.

Find cheap places to eat

While travelling on a budget, you should avoid eating in restaurants, bars or pubs because your money will be depleted quickly. Instead, you can stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits from the nearby local farmers markets and eat home-cooked meals while on a road trip. Moreover, you should research the foods that are in season and use them to prepare your food. Alternatively, you can get free steaks in free public BBQs that are available in many parks and beaches in shared campsites and all over Australia.

Save money on drinks

Prices are usually hiked in popular tourist attraction sites. You can save on costs by refilling your water bottle in any water fountain and storing it in your camper fridge. You can also keep your alcohol costs down by purchasing your drinks in Bottle Shops such as Liquorland and BWS.

Enjoy free activities

Cities such as Melbourne and Sydney offer free guided tours on a daily basis. The tours are usually held by experienced local guides who will inform you all about the history of the area. Moreover, you can immerse yourself in online casino games and enjoy them. All you need is an internet connection. You can also visit museums free of charge, stroll in public parks and view wildlife for free.

Other activities include exploring national parks for free, enjoying walks along the beach and swimming in turquoise waters. You can travel anywhere in Australia without breaking the bank by choosing cheaper alternatives of food, accommodation, drinks, activities and transport.


Travel Budgeting: 5 Tips to an Australian Holiday on a Budget

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